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                             Passover Guide 5780

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Spanish Seder with Cantor in the Zoom Room Second Night Seder with Rabbi in the Zoom Room

                              Passover Schedule

                                                                    Passover Calendar


  1. Bedikat Chametz (The Search For Chametz):

Tuesday, April 7: 8:30pm (As close to nightfall as possible.)

A final search for Chametz is conducted after nightfall. Customarily, 10 pieces of bread or any other type of Chametz are placed in various rooms of the house and the search is conducted by candlelight (feel free to use a flashlight) using a feather and/or wooden spoon to gather the Chametz.

  1. Ta’anit B'chorim - Fast Of The First Born:

Wednesday, April 8: 7:00AM Following Morning Minyan

This commemorates their deliverance from death during the tenth plague in Egypt. It is customary for first-born sons to participate in the meal served in celebration of a mitzvah, such as a Brit Mila (circumcision) or Siyum (the completion of a tractate of the Talmud). Those attending these events on the eve of Passover celebrate with the partaking of refreshments and are then exempt from this fast. (This will likely be done on Zoom)

  1. Last Time For Eating Chametz: Wednesday, April 8: 12:15AM.
  2. Last time for Annulling Chametz (declaring it no longer in your possession): Wednesday, April 8: 1:25PM

This is the time by which you burn your remaining Chametz found the night before during Bedikat Chametz.

  1. Candle Lighting: Wednesday Night, April 8: 7:34PM
  2. Candle Lighting: Thursday Night, April 9: 8:42PM
  3. Candle Lighting: Friday Night, April 10: 7:35PM
  4. Candle Lighting: Tuesday Night, April 14: 7:37PM
  5. Candle Lighting: Wednesday Night, April 15: 8:45PM
  6. End of Holiday: Thursday Night, April 16: 8:46PM

Chametz permitted after approximately 9:15pm when dining out and after 9:45 when eating at home.


The deadline to sell hametz in person or online is April 7th, 2020.

You can fill out our online form or fill out a form with the Synagogue Office allowing Rabbi Joshua Hearshen to sell all of your hametz on your behalf.  A donation to tzedakah is required to make this a valid transaction.  It is customary to make a donation to the Rabbi's Discretionary Account in exchange for selling your Hametz.  This can be done through the Synagogue office or online.  
KASHERING will take place from March 30th - April 7th 2020.
Thu, January 21 2021 8 Shevat 5781