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Meet Our Rabbi Cantor

Rabbi Cantor Andres Kornworcel

At an early age, Andres Saul Kornworcel Felhendler developed his love for music growing up in Montevideo, the capital city of his native country, Uruguay. His experience singing in school choirs naturally led him to a career in music. Rabbi-Cantor Kornworcel studied voice lessons with private teachers at the Escuela Nacional de Arte Lirico (National School of Lyric Arts) before transitioning to his cantorial training. Rabbi-Cantor Kornworcel went on to study at the Tel Aviv Cantorial Institute and at the Beith Midrash Sefaradi in Israel with Chazan Naphtali Herstik, Raymond Goldstein and many other great Cantors.

Rabbi-Cantor Kornworcel has sung in many Jewish choirs and has traveled twice to perform at the Zimriya, a tri-annual World Assembly of Choirs in Israel. Throughout his career, Rabbi-Cantor Kornworcel has traveled the globe sharing his love of Jewish song with Jewish communities from Uruguay to Sweden, from Mexico and now the United States. While leading from the pulpit, Rabbi-Cantor Kornworcel also received his Law Degree from Universidad de la Republica del Uruguay.

In 2006 he and his family moved to Las Vegas to Midbar Kodesh Temple where he developed community events such as the Jerusalem Day Concert, celebrating Yom Yerushalayim; Midbar Idol; Chanukah Bingo and the International Holocaust Remembrance Day along with other activities and small programs.

Currently Rabbi-Cantor Kornworcel's vocal talents can be heard on Shabbat, Jewish Holidays and special events at Congregation Rodeph Sholom in Tampa, Florida. Cantor Kornworcel is married to Ariana Alfie and has two children, Carol and Eduardo.



Kabbalat Shabbat

Page 13: Shalom Aleichem
Page 14: Yedid Nefesh
Page 15: Lechu Neranena
Page 16: Shiru La Hashem
Page 16: Ysmechu
Page 17: Or Zarua
Page 18: Zamru
Page 19: Romemu (2 versions)
Page 20: Mizmor Le David
Page 23: Tov Lehodot
Page 23: Tzadik Katamar
Page 24: Mikolot


Tue, October 19 2021 13 Cheshvan 5782