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Purim with a Twist Matanot L'evyonim


Matanot L'evyonim, gifts to the poor, is one of the 4 Mitzvot of Purim and the most important of all. Reading and hearing Megillat Esther; giving Purim Baskets to our friends and partaking in a festive meal are the other 3. Purim is the most joyous of all festivals and joy cannot be complete if we don't have those less fortunate in mind. This year we will strengthen our relationship with our community by donating money or food to TAMPA JEWISH FAMILY SERVICES. Help us fulfill this important Mitzvah by donating money or bringing in non-perishable food to Rodeph Sholom by February 25th.
Purim Sameach!! Happy Purim to all!!!

Sun, February 28 2021 16 Adar 5781